August 4, 2011

It might be a little late for this, seeing as it’s been two years since the last post, but I actually moved to a new blog in October 2009, covering more than just games.  You should probably go there.


Demo: Batman: Arkham Asylum

August 8, 2009

The arrival of this demo yesterday was a nice surprise.  It’s on Xbox Live (and can be downloaded by going here), PC (download from Fileshack here) and the PlayStation Store (which I can’t directly link to).  I played the PS3 version.


I was interested in the demo because the game has been built up into a Big Thing, which seemed to take everybody by surprise (including its publisher, who delayed the game seemingly to make sure it could live up to the hype).  It has potential to not just be a big, AAA release, but the game that finally does the Batman character justice in all his aspects (his refusal to kill, his intelligence and detective skills, his combat prowess, his gadgets and stealth), as well as telling a good story.  Some of the pre-release hype has even compared it to Bioshock in terms of its atmosphere, which is a lot of praise/pressure to place upon a game ahead of release.

So, based upon the hype and personal expectations I was hoping to find that this game is an atmospheric fighting game with smooth, satisfying combat, decent stealth gameplay that isn’t too punishing for failure, and does justice to the potential of the Batman character.  Can it live up to those expectations? Read the rest of this entry »

Review: Saints Row 2

June 21, 2009



Released on: Xbox 360 (version reviewed), PlayStation 3, PC

Developed By: Volition

Who Also Developed: The original Saint’s Row, the Red Faction games (including the recent Red Faction: Guerilla)

Published By: THQ

Players: One local, two in online co-op and more in online multiplayer modes.

Demo Available: No

Additional Content: Two premium DLC packs continuing the story, for PS3 and 360 (not PC).  One additional free pack with extra clothing and tattoos for PS3 and 360 (not PC).

Ben’s Progress: Game completed on the normal difficulty. 13 of 50 achievements earned (non-DLC).

Note: I don’t play online much, and haven’t tried any of the online features of Saints Row 2.

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Friday’s Play – Valkyria Chronicles

June 21, 2009

I continued with yesterday’s mission, replaying for an A rank.  Previous SPOILER warnings are still relevant, of course.  Read on for details.

Valkyria Chronicles


This was difficult to fit into my set 425x90 dimensions as there's quite a height difference between the three characters. The difference in height is practically a representation of the difference in ages: From 16 (Isara, left) to 27 (Rosie, right) to 36 (Largo, centre).

Back to Bruhl, then.  I began my A rank attempt  by reloading one of my saves, which was right at the end of turn one.  Everybody was in good positions, but as that gave me just one turn to push forward and claim victory it was possible that it simply wouldn’t be enough to win.

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Thursday’s Play – Valkyria Chronicles

June 21, 2009

I went back to Valkyria Chronicles today, earning an A rank on one mission and attempting the next.  Read on for details, but bear in mind that SPOILERS are going to be present, and they’re some fairly major ones.

Valkyria Chronicles


I continued on from last time (just after having taken the first camp).  I deployed fresh units from the camp (which uses less command points than making them all move up from the starting position), using a couple of shocktroopers and scouts to advance towards the next camp, while the Edelweiss and Largo took up position in the centre and dealt with the tricky areas: the first tank and two gatling bunkers.  With the second camp taken I requested another lancer (Jann), who was able to destroy the next tank from behind.

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Wednesday’s Play – Modern Warfare

June 21, 2009

I took a break from Valkyria Chronicles and played some more Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, completing four more missions.  Read on for details.

Call of Duty4: Modern Warfare


We’re back with the USMC for the day’s first mission.  The pre-mission briefing sets the scene, with Al-Asad’s forces being driven back to the palace.  The marines are accompanying the tank you had to defend earlier, War Pig, and the briefing shows it in wireframe form, detailing its cost and vital statistics, but stops before it all gets a bit too gun-porny.

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Tuesday’s Play – Valkyria Chronicles

June 21, 2009

I played a little more Valkyria Chronicles today, just completing a little skirmish.  Read on for details.

Valkyria Chronicles


It turns out that units upgrade to elite status once you get them to level 11, and as all mine were at level 10 I decided to go back and play a skirmish level to get some more EXP and level them up.  All skirmishes have the new tank added to them now, even those from before it was unlocked, and as it’s another leader unit that essentially means an extra command point (able to move one more unit per turn), which is nice.

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