Monday’s Play – Still Valkyria Chronicles

June 21, 2009

More Valkyria Chronicles today.  Despite essentially taking twice as long to do each mission because of my quest for A ranks – I’m both playing levels for the first time to learn how to do them and then replaying them for rank, which pretty much means I’m doing my first and second playthroughs simultaneously – I think I’m proceeding at a good pace now.

NOTE: I seem to be reaching a point where big events are beginning to happen, so SPOILERS will likely follow.

Valkyria Chronicles


My first attempt today was a complete retry from the start, using what I learned from the poor attempt yesterday to do better this time.  Initially it went well, smoothly taking the first enemy camp and completing the the first objective (destruction of a bridge used for reinforcements), taking it in two turns and being ready to move towards the second objective.

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Sunday’s Play – Yet More Valkyria Chronicles

June 20, 2009

I played some more Valkyria Chronicles today, completing another two missions and witnessing some more World War 2 parallels.  Read on for details.

Valkyria Chronicles


With the princess rescued, Squad 7 are honoured and Welkin is given a medal by the princess.  Borg handles the ceremony, and in close up looks even more evil, with a long pointy beard and long, thin eyebrows.  Short of dressing him in black with some kind of skull motif there isn’t much more they could have done to make him radiate EVIL.  The princess reveals that Squad 7’s questions have had an effect on her, which can’t be good news for Borg.

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Saturday’s Play – Dear Esther

June 15, 2009

I don’t play many games on my PC these days.  It’s not a particularly good gaming machine by current standards, with the only upgrades it has had in a long time being purely to get it to run World of Warcraft better, which wasn’t really a technical powerhouse.  When I lost interest in WoW and got back into gaming, it was consoles that got my attention, not the PC.  As such the only games I’ve played on it in a long time are The Sims 2, the first two Hitman games (which I went back to recently for a while) and pretty much anything by Valve (except Left 4 Dead, which I have on 360).

Though I think Valve are a great developer and I have a lot of respect for what they’ve done for digital distribution, I’m not actually keen on Steam itself.  Half-Life 2 was an awkward introduction to it, a game that needed online activation through a clunky service to play the game, without offering any benefit for doing so.

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Friday’s Play: Valkyria Chronicles Again

June 15, 2009

I continued with Valkyria Chronicles today, completing another mission, albeit not as you’re supposed to.  Read on for details.

Valkyria Chronicles


The cutscene to end the chapter has Welkin and Alicia reunited with Squad 7, with everybody saying how relieved they are that they’re all okay.  Alicia tells Welkin that she liked what he said before about Squad 7 being family, and then the view shifts to Largo, Rosie and Isara together, with Largo playfully ruffling Isara’s hair.  It’s a nice visual reinforcement of the family idea.

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Today’s Play – Valkyria Chronicles

June 11, 2009

I went back to Valkyria Chronicles today and completed two missions.  It’s taken me almost a month (and eight play sessions) to get back to the point I was at before after just eleven days and three play sessions, which isn’t exactly speedy and suggests I might be playing the game for quite a while yet.  It’s fun though, so that’s fine.

I don’t know exactly why I’m not putting much time into it, but I don’t think it’s a case of GADD. It probably just has more to do with having the 360 under my desk and the PS3 & Wii set up at the TV.  Being somebody who feels compelled to keep up to date with various websites I’ll casually look over at my PC while playing a 360 game, whereas if I’m on the PS3 or Wii I’m away from the computer, which ends up interrupting my play more when I get up to check in with the web.  Having a young family member obsessed with LittleBigPlanet also plays a part because I’ll play on the 360 when he’s on the PS3, which is often.  Anyway, gaming:

Valkyria Chronicles


Having defeated the giant tank in the desert, I’m now up to chapter 07, which is the first chapter so far to include two battles (every chapter so far has only had just one mission, apart from two optional Report chapters that have had none, being just a series of cutscenes).  The first mission of this chapter has the distinction of being the last mission I played before I stopped playing the game for months.

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Sunday’s Play – Even More Old Modern Warfare

June 10, 2009

I found a bit more time for gaming today, sinking another couple of hours into Call of Duty 4 and completing three missions.  Read on for details.

Call of Duty 4


The fourth mission of the game, still playing as Jackson with the USMC, has your squad heading to help out a tank that has been disabled and is under assault.  Proceeding through the city at night, you’re ambushed.  The squad enters a building and you’re sent upstairs with an ally, Roycewicz, to clear the upper levels.  Halfway upstairs Roycewicz is attacked, but I immediately stabbed the attacker and saved him.  This unlocked an achievement, which I guess means he can die there if you don’t save him, and made for a nice little surprise.

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Saturday’s Play – More Old Modern Warfare

June 10, 2009

I only found time for a little more Call of Duty 4, completing one additional mission.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


The next level (the third), has the US storming into a city in a big helicopter squadron, on a mission that the SAS’ informant of the previous mission said was doomed to fail (it will be interesting seeing how closely the two campaigns intertwine as the game continues).   I was expecting at least one of the helicopters to get shot down – that seems to almost be a mandatory inclusion for POV military helicopter rides in games – but none did, and everyone gets down safely.

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