Tuesday’s Play – Valkyria Chronicles

I played a little more Valkyria Chronicles today, just completing a little skirmish.  Read on for details.

Valkyria Chronicles


It turns out that units upgrade to elite status once you get them to level 11, and as all mine were at level 10 I decided to go back and play a skirmish level to get some more EXP and level them up.  All skirmishes have the new tank added to them now, even those from before it was unlocked, and as it’s another leader unit that essentially means an extra command point (able to move one more unit per turn), which is nice.

I picked the first skirmish that I’d not done, the Kloden Wildwood mission.  I made the mistake of treating it just like the original mission that used the same map, essentially taking just three scouts and pushing ahead fast, but troop placements were a little different and it left them outnumbered and outgunned, and all were soon dead.

In the end it took six turns for a B Rank (you can get an A rank for completing it within four), finishing with 13,450 EXP and 17050 DCT.  13,450 is nowhere near enough EXP to level up the squad – at this point pretty much even individual level ups take at least that much – but as one of my scouts permanently died I wasn’t planning on saving this result anyway.

I tried again, going a bit more carefully.  One lesson I learned from the previous attempt is that Zaka’s tank, the Shamrock, is small enough to move through gaps the Edelweiss can’t.  It means that one particular choke point that has a light tank and two lancers isn’t a choke point at all for the Shamrock.  Whereas the Edelweiss has to destroy the tank (3-4 turns) before it can pass, the Shamrock can squeeze through and destroy the tank in one turn with a direct hit to its weak point, and provide support for the faster units.

The rest of the mission proceeded well (apart from two mistakes that got some units killed, but not permanently), and I finished in 4 turns, earning an A rank, 15,630 EXP and 19,950 DCT, which still isn’t very much in the grand scheme of things.  Combined with my remaining scraps of EXP though it was enough to upgrade my shocktroopers to elite status, earning them the flamethrower that should prove useful for the mission I’m up to.

I tried the mission briefly to see how the flamethrowers fared but didn’t have much time, and in the end only managed to advance a little way (taking the first camp) before I stopped playing.

Image Source

Tank Targeted: Sankaku Complex (CAUTION – links to site with adult, NSFW content)


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