Saturday’s Play – More Old Modern Warfare

I only found time for a little more Call of Duty 4, completing one additional mission.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


The next level (the third), has the US storming into a city in a big helicopter squadron, on a mission that the SAS’ informant of the previous mission said was doomed to fail (it will be interesting seeing how closely the two campaigns intertwine as the game continues).   I was expecting at least one of the helicopters to get shot down – that seems to almost be a mandatory inclusion for POV military helicopter rides in games – but none did, and everyone gets down safely.

The USMC are searching for Khaled Al-Asad, the leader of a coup in a country that I don’t think has been named so far.  With him ranting away on the local TV they suspect that he’s currently holed up at a TV station, and the mission has you storming through the streets towards the station.

It’s another well-designed level, with good set-piece areas to enter and fend off the enemy assault coming from multiple directions.  Being surrounded by so many allies gives the game a feel quite different to a lot of other shooters these days, that generally do all they can to separate your character from all such support to make it all about you (and maybe a few A.I./player buddies).

It was also nice to find a shotgun (my weapon of choice in pretty much any game that has one) and be able to replace the handgun with it instead of the assault rifle.  Being a shotgun fan in these days of limited carry space usually means having to lose the primary weapon for it, which often leaves me vulnerable for scenarios where a shotgun isn’t really ideal.

Scattered throughout the level are TVs showing a broadcast of Al-Asad speaking to his people, and there’s an achievement for destroying them all.  I decided to do it because it seemed like a fun hunt, which turned out to be the case.  I managed to get them all as well (using a YouTube video to check I hadn’t missed any before continuing).

The level ends with the discovery that Al-Asad isn’t present and it’s quickly on to the next mission, which is where I stopped.

Image Source

Al-Asad Image: Destructoid


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