Today’s Play – End of Saints

As expected, today I was able to finish up the Saints Row 2 storyline.  Read on for details, but obviously it includes lots of spoilers.  As before, the nameless character you control is referred to as “The Boss”.

Saints Row 2


Yesterday I stopped playing after the mission I was on turned out to be difficult and had no checkpoints, sending you all the way back to the start each time.  Today things went better and I almost completed it first time, but failed maybe twenty seconds from completing it thanks to a helicopter firing at my boat with homing missiles. There’s no obvious way to dodge them, and after being sent all the way back to the mission’s start I considered just giving up on the game.

However, for my next attempt I made sure to keep all three of my NPC companions with me for the extra firepower, and when chasing the target boat just focused all fire upon it.  The boat blew up and the mission ended.  A cutscene reveals that it was actually Dane Vogel, the man behind a lot of the game’s events, who sent you there, to take out the Ultor board of directors (who were growing unhappy with him).  With them all dead Vogel is promoted to chairman.

The opening cutscene for the final mission of the game has The Boss going after Vogel, confronting him at a press conference (why he chose such a public scene is unclear, but perhaps it was the only way to get to him).  Things don’t go to plan thanks to the Saint in support – Johnny Gat with a sniper rifle – being attacked and alerting Vogel to their presence.

A side note: Gat and his attacker battle on their high vantage point, and when Gat throws him off the building there’s the unmistakable Wilhelm Scream.


Vogel tries to escape in a limo but is easy to chase down.  Damaging the limo prompts Vogel to return to the building he just fled from, hurrying inside and putting it into lockdown.  The only way to disable the lockdown is to take a helicopter up around the building, destroying its power sources.  The enemy make it difficult thanks to regular incoming helicopters that can kill you in two hits with their homing missiles.  With the mission taking place in the dark and the rain it’s quite awkward to see them, but I only failed once anyway.

With the power sources down you’re told to “head to the top of tower” so I did so, only to discover there was nothing there.  The objective marker suggesting I needed to be a bit lower, but upon doing so I still couldn’t see what I had to do.  Before I could puzzle it out a homing missile struck me and I had to start back from the checkpoint (before getting into the helicopter).  On the second attempt I discovered that I was in the right place, I just needed to be much closer to the building.

In a cutscene, The Boss shoots the windows out with the chopper and then leaps inside.  There you get your final objective: Kill Vogel.  This turns out to be rather simple as he is easily torn to pieces by dual SMG fire, and the game’s final cutscene occurs.

Vogel tries to talk his way out of his imminent execution, claiming the attack on the Saints was all the board’s idea – which technically I think is correct, the board told him the Saints needed to be dealt with – and says he’s the Saints biggest fan.  The Boss is unimpressed and shoots him in the face mid-sentence, sending him crashing out the window and falling to the ground far below.

Shaundi and Pierce meet up with The Boss just in time for them all to leave, taking a helicopter and flying across the city.  They see Johnny Gat down below, still shooting at cops and thoroughly enjoying himself.  Pierce asks The Boss about what they are going to do next and The Boss, with the last line of dialogue in the game, says:

“This is our city – we do whatever the fuck we want to do.”

Which I’d say sums up Saints Row 2 quite nicely.

After the credits you can carry on playing, doing all you hadn’t done (you can even go back to any of your cribs and choose to replay any mission in the game as well, which is a nice touch).  With only 13 of the base game’s 50 achievements unlocked I do technically still have a lot to do, but I’m probably just about done with the game for now.  I’ve enjoyed my time with it though.  I’ll stick up a review piece some time in the next couple of days, as well as deciding what I’m going to play through next.

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