Today’s Play – Just Saints

I didn’t find much time for gaming today, but did manage to spend some time with Saints Row 2, doing one of its wackier activities.  Read on for details.

Saints Row 2


One of the things I like about Saints Row 2 is that by simply playing through the game’s story you claim sections of the city, and from each territory you control you get a small daily income of $500.  At this stage of the game it’s nice to be able to visit the stash and find considerable sums of money inside.

Having almost $400,000 I decided to spend some of it, and went around buying some businesses, which all further contributes to the daily income.  On the way I recruited three gang members into my party, only to realise I was in a car with only two seats and figured that meant I’d have to leave two of them behind.  However, one of the spare gang members simply ran into the street and carjacked the first vehicle he came across and followed behind me.  It was a simple solution to the problem and it was nice to see that somebody had thought of that during development.

One part of my journey that was reasonably amusing was when my allies got into a fight outside a nightclub I’d just bought.  Upon entering the club every person inside was cowering in fear, except for one lone woman still grooving away on the dance floor, apparently oblivious not just to the gunfire outside, but also to everybody else’s reaction to it in the club.  Lost in music, as they say.


Anyway, with several businesses added to the empire, I decided to try out one of the game’s many side activities: Septic Avenger.  There are two separate septic avenger activities with their own flimsy premises, the first being a request from somebody to help drive down property prices, the second being a request to send a message to the Ultor Corporation that dominates the city.  What they’re both about though is travelling the city in a septic truck and spraying excrement over key targets, covering sections of the city in thick, brown sludge.

As activities go it’s probably one of the ones that says a lot about what Saints Row 2 is trying to be: crude, ridiculous, and fun.  Essentially it functions like a fire truck mission, identifying targets that you need to spray, only SR2 opts for feces instead of water.  The mission itself is very easy, in fact after completing all six levels of the first activity I didn’t fail once, and couldn’t even see how it was possible.  There was no time limit, the truck is so tough that I thought it was invincible, and you can stop the truck at any point to take out each target, only moving again when you’re ready.

It was only on the next mission that I failed at all, and that was due to a glitch that popped me out of the truck, which isn’t supposed to happen.  After running helplessly alongside the truck for a short distance (it doesn’t let you get back in because in theory you’re not able to get out) the mission failed, saying that I didn’t do enough damage.  Other than that I breezed through the remaining levels, though in the final mission the truck did actually start to look crumpled and smoking, suggesting that if you decide to sit still for fifteen minutes and let the police shoot the truck then it just might get destroyed.

Still, it was all completed with essentially no trouble at all, and I earned upgrades to both weapon accuracy and the discount on buying food and liquor, as well as unlocking the septic truck for use whenever I want it.  I also earned the awkwardly named Splatster Chief achievement and a mighty 15 gamerscore.

I think that’s the majority of the activities done now that look interesting or fun to me (anything inolving time limit driving simply doesn’t appeal) so I’m not sure how much more time I’ll put into the game.  I may just take on the final gang, the Brotherhood, and probably the Ultor Corporation after that, then complete the game and move on.

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