Mirror’s Edge



Released on: Xbox 360 (version reviewed), PlayStation 3, PC

Developed By: DICE

Who Also Developed: The Battlefield Series

Published By: Electronic Arts

Players: One.

Demo Available: Yes (360 & PS3)

Demo a Good Example of Game: Yes – Shows the game at its best and hints at the worst parts.

Additional Content: Additional ‘challenge’ levels for all versions, one of which is exclusive to the PS3.

Ben’s Progress: Game completed on the normal difficulty, time trials attempted. 17 of 50 achievements earned.


Quick Opinion:

Buy if:

You really enjoyed Assassin’s Creed’s free running and like the idea of a game built entirely around it – it’s a slightly different spin on free-running, with more platforming elements, but the core idea of scaling great structures is there.

Try if:

You like experiencing new ideas in games (or at least new takes on old ones) – first-person platforming hasn’t been heavily explored, at least not well.

You like time trials and the prospect of competing against the best times of yourself and others – that’s where most of Mirror’s Edge‘s longevity lies.

You would rather not buy a game that you will be done with after a few hours – even if you really enjoy the game, it’s still short.

Skip if:

Time trials mean nothing to you – outside of the story, the meat of the game is in time trials.

You are easily frustrated by poor design decisions – at times the game focuses entirely on its weakest elements.




First-person platformer in a dystopian setting, mostly set atop tall buildings.


Basic conspiracy storyline with some obvious twists. Players take control of a ‘runner’ named Faith, one of the few people trying to preserve the flow of unmonitored communication by transporting information across the rooftops.


Free-running, HUD-less gameplay works well in outdoor areas, and visual cues help guide the player. Pretty much falls apart in indoor environments, where it is much harder to get a sense of direction or see the route ahead.

Combat is deliberately weak, and while generally avoidable it is never fun and its absence would not have been missed.

Time trials and hidden bags on each level help with longevity, but the main game itself is short.


Simple and work very well, with moves flowing together quite easily.


Fantastic look to the clean, urban environments, with an excellent use of colour.


Generally good.  Decent soundtrack that suits the game well.

Other Comments:

Does a good job at achieving its established goal of making a first-person platformer and is at its best when providing a lengthy rooftop course to navigate or an elaborate series of platforms to traverse. It’s always weaker and less fun when it strays from that formula, making the inclusion of those parts a rather strange decision.

Image Sources:

Fall of Faith: Full Metal Pen

Other Images: Eurogamer


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