Released on: Nintendo Wii

Developed By: Platinum Games

Who Also Developed: Okami, Viewtiful Joe, God Hand (all as Clover Studios)

Published By: SEGA

Players: One in story mode, two in multiplayer challenges.

Additional Content: No.

Ben’s Progress: Game completed on normal difficulty.


Quick Opinion:

Buy if:

You want to show your support for this sort of game on the Wii.

You really like score challenges and over-the-top death and violence.

Try if:

You like score games and brawlers that don’t take themselves too seriously.

You would rather not buy a game that you will be done with after a few hours.

Skip if:

You’re not impressed by gratuitous violence and constant swearing.




Fighting game. Rise through the ranks to take the top place in the DeathWatch games. You play Jack, a contestant with a chainsaw on his arm.


Not quite as simple as above summary, with a good payoff at the end.


Enter level, kill endless horde of enemies to build up points and unlock the boss encounter, defeat boss to gain rank. Build up score by combining prop-based injuries with environmental kills, and in unlockable Bloodbath Challenges for a score boost.

Lack of checkpoints makes the difficult sections particularly punishing, losing all progress in that level when all lives are lost.


Simple third-person Wii controls, with movement on the nunchuck, combat on the Wii remote and  gestures for the more powerful attacks and dodging. Lots of gesture-based quicktime events that are reasonably intuitive and match the on-screen actions.


Black and white style is distinctive and looks really good, and is never confusing or dull. Probably one of the best-looking games on the Wii.


Fun commentary that repeats too often, with good voice work overall, but very crude with lots of swearing. Good sound effects and soundtrack really suits the game.

Other Comments:

Lots of fun but very short, with little reason to replay outside of a higher difficulty and the challenge of beating previously achieved scores.

Image Sources:

Splaaaaat! and Jack’s Chainsawing – PushingPlay

Jack Push-up – Ars Technica


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