Released on: PlayStation 3

Developed By: Media Molecule

Who Also Developed: Nothing. Parts of the team have worked on Lionhead games (Black & White, Fable) and the indie Rag Doll Kung Fu.

Published By: Sony

Players: Up to four, local or online.

Additional Content: Many costumes (some free), one level pack and several sticker packs.

Ben’s Progress: Game completed locally with two other players and a couple online. Many community levels played, level editor experimented with. 37 of 48 trophies earned in the base game (non-DLC), 10 of 11 in DLC.

Quick Opinion:

Buy if:

You like 2D platformers, especially when played with friends.

You enjoy creating your own content or enjoy playing the efforts of an active community.

Try if:

You quite like platformers but aren’t interested in making your own levels, or place little value on user-created content.

Skip if:

You don’t like platformers at all.

You don’t like platformers that lack perfectly precise controls.



A 2D platformer for up to four players, with lots of customisation options for the Sackboy character and a detailed level creator for making levels to share with the community.


Levels are divided up into several themes, each overseen by a creator character with a task that needs to be solved, essentially by reaching the end of the level. Works well as an introduction to all that is possible in the creation mode, and fun in its own right.


2D platforming and basic physics puzzles, with occasional levels that include races or score challenges. Entire game is playable with up to four people, in any combination of online or local. Each level contains items for the create mode or Sackboy customisation and is saved to each player’s profile for use in their own games. Hidden items and multiplayer-only sections add replay value.

Levels are fun and varied, with regular (but limited-life) checkpoints to bring back any Sackboys killed on the way.

Online levels are smoothly integrated with a good search function and an easy way to save enjoyable levels and creators.

The create mode allows players to make almost anything from the story mode itself. While initially daunting, there is a lot of depth to it and allows the community to do things even the game’s creators haven’t thought of.


Sackboys handle well, with a little bit of imprecision that makes certain points a little trickier than they could have been, but otherwise no problems.

Being able to control the Sackboy’s expression and arm movements adds a lot to the charm and personality of the character.


Attractive game, with a lot of detail and distinct themes across different levels. Stickers allow players further levels of customisation in their own levels.

Despite their initial blank nature, the Sackboys have a lot of personality thanks to the extensive customisation and control of their expressions and arm movements.


Good overall. Good, varied selection of music across the levels.

Excellent voiceover work from Stephen Fry (a perfect choice for this kind of game), who guides the player through the story mode and the creation tools.

Other Comments:

Boosted greatly by interacting with other players, whether playing through levels with them or enjoying their creations.

Not quite the game to define the PlayStation 3, but very fun all the same.


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